Rebel Unit


In post-Soviet Belarus there is the decades long "tradition" of dedovshchina, the practice of violent abuse and bullying that supposedly turns boys into men. In this harrowing documentary we follow Nikita, just entering military duty and Svetlana, whoose son was found hanged on a military base two years earlier. 

The film premiered at CPH:DOX and won the main Dox:Award prize at the festival.

Mihalkovich and Badziaka paint an unrelenting picture of a militaristic, heavily patriarchal society riddled with violence and propaganda

Rebel Unit did color grading, conform and mastering on the documentary.

Director: Alexander Mihalkovich, Hanna Badziaka
Writer: Alexander Mihalkovich, Hanna Badziaka
Producers: Mario Adamson, Ashley Smith, Alexander Mihalkovich