Rebel Unit


The future seems bright for the happy young couple Mona and Robby. They have just bought their first apartment at a suspiciously good price, but shortly after moving in, Mona starts having terrible nightmares. Nora starts seeing a sleep specialist that tells her about «The Mare» – a demon that tries to enter our world through our dreams. Who or what is tormenting Mona at night, and can she trust that she is really awake?

The aesthetics are complete, with a retrospect thriller feel to sections, lighting and texture. It is an expression of style that also nods in recognition of the clear film references that lie in the action and scenes.
Filmpolitiet, NRK P3
The movie premiered at Fantastic Fest in Austin and was screened at Sitges in november 2022.

Rebel Unit did color grading, conform, delivery, VFX on parts of the movie and graphics for the prologue.
Director: Kjersti Helen Rasmussen
Producers: Einar Loftesnes and John Einar Hagen