Rebel Unit

Den siste filmen

This life-affirming documentary is part retrospective of a particularly flourishing film career spanning more than 50 years and 15 films, part final testimony of a dying man. Filmmaker Petter Vennerød's last movie has been completed by his widow Karianne Vennerød, in collaboration with filmmaker Olaug Spissøy Kyvik, and it is a celebration of life and the love of  filmmaking.
Kan'ke du snurpe igjen smella di litt
– du maser jo som et lokkomotiv!
From Lasse & Geir (1976)

Rebel Unit did color grading, conform, delivery and graphics, in addition to upscaling old tapes to HD and 4K resolution, using cutting edge AI technology. 

Director and producer: Karianne Førland Vennerød and Olaug Spissøy Kyvik