Rebel Unit

How to Save a Dead Friend

16 year old Marusya plans to join her generations' suicide statistics by the end of the year, but when she meets one year older Kimi at the grunge forum, life suddenly seems bearable.
This euphoric and heartbreaking documentary about youth, self destruction and unbreakable love spans 12 years of the director's life in a gradually more authoritarian Russia. 
Alive with nihilism – as weird as it sounds, that’s how this documentary feels. Like an intense punk concert on the edge of the volcano at the end of time.
Business Doc Europe
Rebel Unit did color grading, conform, delivery, in addition to upscaling old tapes to HD and 4K resolution, using cutting edge AI technology. We also did an animated graphic sequence and some graphic additions to the title sequence.

Director: Marusya Syroechkovskaya
Producers: Ksenia Gapchenko, Mario Adamson, Co-Producers Anita Norfolk, Alexandre Cornu